Are you a health-conscious chocolate lover?


Do you want to learn how to make your own highest-quality chocolate that will absolutely:

• SATISFY YOUR CRAVINGS for chocolate + sweets

• boost your MOOD + HAPPINESS

• strengthen your IMMUNE SYSTEM + increase BRAIN FUNCTION


• offer you knowledge that will bring ENCHANTMENT, EXCITEMENT, and JOY to your life — through chocolate — that you just can't get from anything else! 

Do you:

• strive for the goal of radiant health, but crave sugar and indulge way too often in desserts that really aren't good for you?

• keep hearing about all of dark chocolate's amazing health benefits, but wonder if the commercially-produced stuff you're eating actually has the same benefits?

• wish you had money to buy those fancy, schmancy "raw" chocolates you've had before, but — let's get real — they're too pricey for you to indulge in everyday?

• feel addicted to that chocolate "high" but think maybe it comes from the sugar added, not the chocolate itself?

• want to have a stash of chocolate delights on hand all the time that might actually be considered health food that you could even eat for breakfast without an ounce of guilt?


If so, you are most definitely not alone!

All over the planet, people are craving and eating chocolate. 
It's one of the best foods ever and life is better when there's chocolate every day!
I KNOW that much is true... ;)

(By the way, Ananda is the Sanskrit word for bliss. This kind of cacao will ignite your bliss within!)

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chocolate sauce

These top-quality treats are:

• made with no refined sugars or other junky processed ingredients and will actually STOP your cravings for that stuff

• full of radical health-promoting goodness + will give you all of the purported benefits of chocolate you've heard about

• less costly per pound than comparable store-bought bars

• crafted with cacao that comes from the very BEST sources, ethically-sourced from biodiverse farms, plus other highest-quality ingredients

• tailored to your own personal tastes + needs to include synergistic tonic herbs, essential oils, medicinal mushrooms, superfoods, and the natural sweeteners that YOU prefer

In this gorgeous book, I teach you all you need to know to:

• UNDERSTAND where chocolate comes from and how it works in the body

• SOURCE the very best ingredients

• CREATE delicious, nourishing treats out of nourishing, vibrant ingredients

Even if you think you know all about chocolate, I guarantee that ChocAnanda will teach you something that you didn't know and give you recipe templates to inspire you for a lifetime.

You'll find out everything you need to know to create delicious treats that you can indulge in every single day if you want.

You’ll learn:

• the difference between CHOCOLATE AND CACAO

• the HISTORY of chocolate and what it was used for

• how to use cacao in a HEART-OPENING CEREMONY for your friends and community

• all about the DIFFERENT SWEETENERS you can use including some that might surprise you, that do not raise blood sugar!

• about some POWERFUL ADDITIONS TO YOUR CREATIONS including tonic herbs, medicinal teas, essential oils & so much more

• delicious recipes including this potent superfood that will INSPIRE YOU for a lifetime full of creative chocolate treats

• the very best resources for the most cost-effective, highest-quality, best-tasting ingredients for you to begin your chocolate-making journey

ChocAnanda e•book


Dara Merin’s book ChocAnanda is an ode of love to the magical and healing world of chocolate.

Dara helps debunk the myth that indulging in chocolate is a guilty pleasure, and guides us in seeing it for what it really is - a bliss igniting, heart-opening medicine to soothe the soul.

What I SO loved about this book, is that even though I’ve been working extensively with cacao for many years, I made so many new discoveries - not only regarding the scientific and mystical properties of this sacred plant, but also learned TONS of new superfood recipes such as “Chocolate Chia Mouse” and her infamous “Party Elixir”, as well as new healthy sweetener alternatives to add to these bliss igniting goodies.

This book made me feel inspired, excited and ready to get creative again in the kitchen with cacao, one of my favorite pastimes! If you’re a chocolate lover AND you value your health, wellbeing and vitality, this is the book for you.
— Ashley Burnett, founder Strong Body Love, Petaluma, CA
Dara Merin

I’m Dara, and I made this book because I believe that CHOCOLATE ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A GUILTY PLEASURE!

Practically everyone seems to harbor a lifelong passionate love for this unique, enchanting substance, and I want you to feel EMPOWERED with the knowledge and the skills to source and craft your own chocolate treats out of the best ingredients possible!

I want to share EVERYTHING I've learned over years of working with this sacred, magical food so you can begin crafting your own delicious and decadent (yet simple and nourishing) cacao creations that will make your body sing and your spirit soar! 

Have you ever been so happy and satisfied to make a beautiful home-cooked meal? If you love chocolate, just think how happy you’ll be to create your first batch of incredible treats. It’s PURE ALCHEMY and SO MUCH FUN! Join me on this journey — to ChocAnanda — to CHOCOLATE BLISS!


It’s time for you to bring some CHOCOLATE BLISS into your life, so go get this beautiful book and start your own journey into chocolate bliss right now!

ChocAnanda e-book $12

ChocAnanda e-book

In “Chocananda” Dara’s story of how she came to raw cacao all the way through to history, facts and yummy recipes is enchanting and educational. You can see she has a lot of experience with cacao and has truly done so much research and tried and tested her super recipes. Enjoy this delightful book, the gorgeous photos, and detailed recipes and be inspired to create your own magical and delicious treats!
— Linda Stevens, Yoga + Buddhist Meditation Teacher

Dara Merin

Dara Merin is a classically-trained graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY and a longtime culinary instructor through her business The Sage Table. She has been studying food and cooking since she was a teenager and also has a broad expertise in nutrition which she's been studying for over a decade.

There are no compromises in Dara's kitchen in Berkeley, CA, where she runs her cooking business. She's committed to making the highest-quality, super yummy food and chocolate to nourish the body and soul at the deepest level. Sharing the skills and know-how with others so they can expand their minds and palettes to do the same for themselves is her greatest passion. Dara coaches and mentors women who desire to upgrade their lifestyle, guiding them towards radiant health and happiness. learn more >


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